Speech of Dr. Chao Li at the opening of the 2nd Manchester-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit

Dear Consul General Mr. Zheng Xiyuan, Professor Luke Georghiou, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning,

My name is Li Chao. I am a Research Associate at the University of Manchester and Chair of the Manchester China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to our great event here.


As the Sino-British relation steps into the Golden Era, the inter-exchanges and convergence of interests between the UK and China have reached an unprecedented level.

In order to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among Chinese students and scholars in Northern England, the Manchester China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base was established in July 2018, based on the previous two years’ experience in organising innovation and entrepreneurial activities and under the great support from the Consulate General of China in Manchester, Chinese Students and Scholars Associations in Manchester Consular District, local enterprises, and organisations in China.

The base is now 1 year old. In the past year, we have organised innovation and entrepreneurship trainings, workshops, forums in multiple cities across Northern England, including Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Lancaster and Newcastle. In the future years, we will keep what we did in the past and expand our service, with the aim to build up a platform to support oversea Chinese, as well as international, students and scholars to connect with Chinese domestic resources.

Today, after months’preparation, we are so honoured to get supports from so many distinguished experts in the field of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, to gather here today in Manchester for the Summit. I believe we will have fantastic conversations and knowledge exchange on the future and opportunities of Sino-British collaborations.

Tomorrow, we will have the 14th Chunhui Cup oversea Chinese students entrepreneurship competition, which is also the 3rd Manchester Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In the past two years, 29 excellent projects from the Manchester Consular area have been awarded as global finalists in Chunhui Cup Competition, representing the best result for UK students participating in this national entrepreneurship competition of China. This year, we have already shortlisted 31 high quality projects and we believe the Manchester Consular Region will definitely achieve better performance.

All our achievement could not be made without the strong support from the Consulate General of China in Manchester, the University of Manchester, Chinese students and scholars associations in the Manchester Consular area, especially the Chinese students and scholars associations in Manchester, and our sponsors and partners including Dongke Chuangxing Cogita Incubator, Beijing Zhongguancun Multimedia Creative Industry Park, City government of Liyang and Nanjing. And we are very gratitude for the continuous supports from all of you who are here with us today and who can’t make it today.

Thank you all so much. We will continuously devote to bridging the UK and China and building a much wider and deeper cooperation platform.

Wish this Summit great success.

Thank you.