The Fourth Manchester-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (MCIEC 2020)

As the Sino-British relation steps into the Golden Era, the inter-exchanges and convergence of interests between UK and China have reached an unprecedented level in many fields, especially in the aspect of education. UK is famous for its rich and excellent education resources. It has many world-renowned universities, which attract more and more Chinese students to study. UK has become the most welcomed destination for Chinese overseas students. These young Chinese overseas students are becoming the most important ambassadors to bridge UK and China, promoting all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging connection, cooperation and communication between the two countries.

In order to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among Chinese overseas students in the UK, the Fourth Manchester – China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (MCIEC 2020) will continually be held online in Manchester, UK, in 2020, by Manchester China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base (MCIEB). Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Manchester (CSSA-MAN) will specifically undertake the competition.

In the past a few years, the MCIEC attracted more than 200 innovation and entrepreneurship projects joining the competition. Through a series of selections by the competition committee and specialists, nearly 60 qualified projects won the opportunity of on-site defense roadshow and receiving experts’ reviews. 29 projects have been won prizes in the global final of the “Chunhui Cup” – the national Chinese Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Some projects have been successfully implemented in Zhejiang, Shandong, Shaanxi and other provinces and won millions of investment to grow and develop. Over 30 projects were awarded in different competitions, some of which have started their businesses in China and the UK.

MCIEC has attracted widespread attention among students and scholars in the UK. It has an increasing influence in both the UK and China. Based on the successful experience in the past 3 years, MICEB will continue to hold the competition to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of Chinese overseas students and scholars in the UK, as well as international students and scholars who are willing to start businesses in China.

MCIEC 2020

MCIEC 2020 will be held online for projects in Manchester, radiating Liverpool, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Leeds and other cities in northern England. This region belongs to the “Northern Powerhouse” of UK, which has advanced educational and technology innovative resources. There are 31 world-known universities in this region, including 7 Russell Group universities and 4 Red Brick Universities. At present, there are about 70 thousand Chinese overseas students and 1 thousand Chinese scholars in this region, studying or working in engineering, technology, management, finance, culture and various fields.

MCIEC 2020 is seeking excellent innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the UK. The candidates are not limited to Chinese overseas students and scholars. We also encourage the participation of all innovation and entrepreneurship talents and projects from different nations and countries, as long as you are willing to start business in China. The finalists will have opportunity to have direct contact with Chinese and British investors, innovation parks and incubators. The concerned topics include but not limited to new energy, new material, biological medicine, electronics, information technologies, manufacturing, chemical engineering, management, finance, ocean, environment, agriculture, cultural innovation, etc.

MCIEC 2020 aims to unite the rich educational, technological and industrial resources in the northern England area with the superior innovating and entrepreneurial resources in China, to create a one-stop entrepreneurship service platform for Chinese overseas students and scholars, as well as international students and scholars who are willing to start businesses in China, promoting the fusion of technology, innovation and capital, creating healthy and favourable circumstances for young entrepreneurs to grow.

This competition will start from May 2020. Along with the competition, a series of events will be organised, including forums, workshops, training sessions, and etc. May to July is the period of projects collecting. Many related training sessions will be held during this period. Projects will be evaluated and defended in July. The qualified projects judged by specialists and won the recommendation will be classified and arranged the activity of organization, training, awards, promotion and roadshow based on the standard of projects type and implementation tension, and then to connect Chinese and British parks and investment institutions. All participators will get the competition certificate provided by the competition committee and it will provide qualified projects certificate to those qualified projects.

The Third Manchester-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum (MCIESF 2020)

Along with the MCIEC 2020, the competition committee will hold the Third Manchester-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum. The first forum was held in the Hilton Hotel of Manchester in June 2018, which invited more than 200 guests to attend, including the Counselor of Education Section of Consulate General of China in Manchester, the fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering, representatives of Manchester government, the executive director of China and Europe Innovation Center, renowned professors, representatives of Chinese enterprises in the UK, representatives of China and UK innovation park and incubators, innovation and entrepreneurship talents in the UK. The topic of the Cooperation, Development, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Opportunity during the Sino-British “Golden Era” was deeply discussed in the forum.

The Third Manchester Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum will be held online in Manchester, UK, in July 2020. The forum will invite Chinese Consul General in Manchester, representatives of Manchester government, influential innovation and entrepreneurship specialists of China and UK, representatives of Chinese and British enterprises, representatives of investment institution, counsellors of the competition, excellent innovation and entrepreneurship teams and talents in the UK, to make a deep discussion on topics including the opportunities of Sino-British cooperation and development under “the Belt and Road Initiative”, the innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities in the fields of high-tech and cultural innovation.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship tutorship and training

In order to attract, find and cultivate more innovation and entrepreneurship projects with high quality, during the period of projects collecting of MCIEC 2020, the competition committee will hold a series of innovation and entrepreneurship tutorship and training events. We will invite excellent innovation and entrepreneurship guidance teachers, innovation and entrepreneurship talents and professional institutions to conduct the lecture and training.

Call for Cooperation and Support

In order to further expand the influence of MCIEC, fully connect the superior innovation and entrepreneurship resources in the UK with China domestic governments, organisations, parks, investment institution, incubators, etc, consolidate the achievement of the competition, and promote the landing of the projects, the Organising Committee of MCIEC 2020 is looking forward to cooperation and support from both UK and China. Currently, MCIEC 2020 has received support and assistance from all Chinese Students and Scholars Associations in the Northern England, the Center for Transferring and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Manchester, Chinese University Alumni Association of North England, Chinese Enterprise and Chinese Entrepreneur Association of North England, Innovation Center of Europe-China, CBBC, Zhongguancun Multimedia Creative Industry Park, British Branch of Dongke Chuangxing, Newcastle Qidi Science and Technology Park, Kekong Innovation Incubator, etc.

The sponsors or partners will have the rights including but not limited to the naming right of the competition, the right of holding related activities or lectures in both UK and China, the right of recommending specialists as the competition counselor and the member of reviewing committee, the right of prior contact with the qualified projects, the right of the roadshow of awarded projects in the contest, and prior project landing. At the same time, the competition committee will provide various support and cooperation to the cooperating and supporting sponsors in the related innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

On the basis of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, the competition committee sincerely invites all related organisations in the UK and China, to participate in MCIEC 2020 and cooperate with us. We hope to work together with you to promote the discovery, cultivation, development and landing of excellent innovation and entrepreneurship projects and talents in UK, deepening the UK-China innovation interaction and cooperation, making a further step to promote the dynamic and healthy integration of talents, technologies and capitals. We hope this competition could attract more attention to the Northern England and Manchester, encourage more excellent projects and talents in the UK to startup and develop in China, boosting the development of the economy of both UK and China.